Submitted by Mary Ann Harrison

Here is a Holiday or Winter treat for bird and or gift for bird lovers.

Items needed:

Norway pine cones, Fish line , peanut butter , wax paper, bird seed, bowl to put bird

seed in, rubber scraper or popsicle stick to spread peanut butter

Cut fish line about 10 to 12 inches

At the 6in point of line start to wrap around large end of pine cone under the cones

scales. After wrapping twice tie in knot. Tie the two ends together making a loop.

Spread the pine cone with peanut butter (crunchy provides an added treat) be sure to get the peanut butter deep into the pine cone.

Roll the pine cone in the bird seed and pat into pine cone with wax paper.

Wrap with wax paper and store in refrigerator until ready to use as a gift or wrap in wax

paper and store in a cool area.


Have fun!