BY: Ruby Steward

Hey, I think everyone that eats fried chicken has tried a type of oven-fried chicken and found that it was not as good as the commercial made it look.  Well guess what.  I got busy, and found it in the store and there are no corn flakes or crackers on it.  Let me explain…I had to cook for my Mom & Sis, when they were ill, and one of the things they did not eat, because of my finicky sister was fried chicken.  So I have been baking it and like many trying to get a crust that only frying gives you.

I have a scratch recipe & a quick done for you so here we go.

Preheat Oven to 375 degrees

1 pound chicken parts

Chicken seasonings (boxed soup mixes work very well also they add flavor)

8 ounces mixed shredded cheese

Clean chicken parts, rise and lay on a paper towel.

In a plastic bag, mix the seasoning and shredded cheese. Put chicken in bag and shake it up vigorously.  Now place chicken on an oiled baking sheet and sprinkle the leftover cheese mix on the chicken.  Bake until done, approximately 30 min. Timing may be different for parts of chicken.

Here is the funny piece. (Quick Way) After I go through hell and high water to figure this recipe out, you can now buy this cheese and seasoning mix in the refrigerated section at the grocery store. And it is not expensive. GUESS what else?  You can you use it on pork chops, fish, or make your own seasoned French fries. It is very good if you just want some broiled vegetables, almost like grilling.        Multiple uses, multiple meals.