It was a dark and stormy night

By Kathy Berntsen

Chapter 1

Elevator Caper

People all through Seal High Rise, in fact all over the world are hoping that their power does not go out. But if it should go out and they are stuck there n an elevator or wherever they might be! It would make the night even spookier!

But if you were by chance to have this happen, it would be a great time to get creative to pass the time by telling each person with you a scary ghost story. They would be getting scared and could not go anyplace! But then you might scare yourself at the same time until help gets there! And of course, being a stormy night, the elevator will be shaking from the wind as the cold breeze whistles around it!

All of a sudden you hear sounds lurking outside the door. You hope that someone is out there to rescue you poor, scared people from this dark, stormy night. Even if it is Trump outside the door saying “Vote for me in November and I might let you out. Or I might send Hillary Clinton a email and see what she says.” Will they ever get out and see what or who is really lurking outside the elevator door?


Chapter 2

Halloween Night Caper

It is also a special time for kids. I don’t mean the four legged kind you find on a farm grazing in the pasture and eating everything it wants it can get its teeth into. I mean young children who look forward to that all and spooky day. Halloween of course.  What most children around the world look forward to. Of course they have to be careful of monsters lurking about as they take the chances, as they journey down the sidewalks on this dark and spooky, scary, stormy night! Who knows what creatures lay around the bushes hiding on this dark and stormy night! It could be a zombie coming to get you, coming back from the dead. Or a ghost in your attic from a relative you thought was dead. But as sure as you are alive, they say “surprise!” And you get scared as all get out when they say “I’m back.” Then they sit down in an old rocking chair, as they start to rock the floor begins to creak and the ghost makes a groaning sound. Just then you say to yourself as your body is stiff as a board, and your face as white as a brand new bed sheet, and saying and thinking “This is all I need on this dark and stormy night.”


Chapter 3

Halloween Party Costume Hunt

And of course when you think of a dark and stormy night Halloween costumes come to mind. Shops all over the world are prepared with costumes for everybody who wants to be prepared with every kind of costume you could ever think of. But a place like Costume City would be the best place to find your special costume at a shocking price on this dark and stormy night.

It is a hair raising, windy, spooky adventure. Many people and freaky monsters would probably agree with me. Would you? A perfect costume to get to scare the pants off your guests when they arrive at your Halloween party would be Jason. You would really be a hit and freak them out at the same time on this dark and stormy night. As you decide on a different costume idea how about Dracula and scaring everybody all on your way home as you drive along the streets and bridges of St. Paul, like Raymond Ave. or along 280 to come home. And be seen in a truck with a coffin in the bed of your truck with a sign on it that says “I will return to this coffin when I am done driving this truck.” That might really get people’s attention. Buckle up and pay attention or you might end up in my coffin instead of me! Am I real or just out to scare you on this dark and stormy and windy night?


Chapter 4

A Scary Night In London

On this dark, stormy night in London, England people think that Jack the Ripper may be lurking about the foggy streets of London looking for his net victim. After all he is known for it. Hiding behind trees and bushes wearing a dark trench coat with most of his scary face covered up. The local police force, or Bobbies as they are called in London ride bicycles as they patrol the streets. As the people try to go about their lives. The people in London on this dark and stormy night wish they had eyes in the back of their heads when it comes to Jack the Ripper. He likes to hang out by the Tower of London and castles of the King and Queen. If he ever got inside past the guards and other people on patrol not knowing it, he could really cause a stir with the Royal Family. If they ever caught him they would say “Off with his head.” They also have to watch out for the werewolf when he is on the prowl. He might be living next door! Would you be scared if this happened at 825 Seal?